We advise our clients on a wide range of law matters such as:

– representing before courts,
– representing individual clients in insurance and compensation matters,
– legal rights of accident victims,
– defense in criminal cases in Wrocław, Opole
– advisory in EAW ( Europejski Nakaz Aresztowania ) cases – deportation to and from Wroclaw
– defense in detention (arrest) case
Based in Oława ( near Wrocław and Opole ), our lawyers assist suspects and accused all over Poland at all stages of criminal proceedings.
We conduct legal proceedings in all district courts, courts of appeal, the Supreme Court of the Poland.

If someone you know has been arrested ( in Wrocław, Opole, Oława or Brzeg ) you’ll want to act fast. Make a quick call.

We also handle international divorces and the complexities of marital property division. Our civil & family lawyers can advise you on:
– spousal maintenance
– child maintenance
– child custody and visitation
– divorce agreement
– parenting plan
– division of estates
– joint property
– inheritance law
– estate planning

Our firm is conveniently located in Oława, next to Wrocław, Poland. We operate throughout Poland.